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NATURAL SOLUTIONS GmbH - Trading Systems


These pages are historical and only kept online for our former clients to remember.

There is no business since 2012 in this area when our provider Strategyrunner closed his business.

How much money do I need to trade the strategies?
For all strategies shown here we calculate a number called “account size required”. It is calculated adding 3 times the day trading margin of our broker and the maximum drawdown which happened since strategy is traced on real account. Be aware that a history drawdown has no guarantee to be the for ever maximum drawdown which a strategy might need. The strategy opens at maximum one position and two stop orders or three stop orders, so it needs three entries in the PAT System.
Because the day trading margin is varying between the brokers, talk to your broker how much money you really need to trade our strategies.

Why are the results on strategy runner’s matrix different to the results traded on real account?
The identical strategy is running independently on two different servers for strategy runner’s matrix and for the real account trading. Both servers are completely independent. Both servers have own data feeds which sometimes show differences. If one server is reset intraday, that can cause the stop of all strategies on this server. The data feed differences can result in different or missing trading signals.
We also include in our tracing manual position closings if required, restart of strategies after server resets as executed on the real account.

Why was my strategy not started?
On American holidays like labor day Strategy Runner does not start the strategies automatically. Usually the servers are running and if the contract is traded, for example the FDAX on Eurex, you can start the strategies manually.

Can I start a stopped strategy manually?
If you start ZonesATrading before strategy starts or market opens, it will do exactly the same as if it would be started automatically. If the strategy is started later, it can happen in the first minutes of activity that trading signals are generated which would not be raised if strategy would run in the usual time window.

Why do I not find your strategy in Strategyrunner's shop?
For all strategies published here and offered to the public we sent a description to Strategyrunner to offer it in their shop. Sometimes there is some days of delay until it is published there. Please note that not all strategies published here are offered for sale.