NATURAL SOLUTIONS GmbH - Trading Systems

NATURAL SOLUTIONS GmbH - Trading Systems


Since the late 90ies, we know a lot of people who are trading stocks, warrants and options when there was any time left besides their regular fulltime job. A lot of opportunities got lost and a lot of money was not made because there wasn’t the time to trade when the market opened the big chances.

When trading a strategy with fix rules, the idea was born to define a fully automated trading system which can be in the market all the time when any trading opportunities are expected.

About ten years later NATURAL SOLUTIONS GmbH brought this idea to reality and some fully automated trading systems were defined and put into action with software programs. On this page the description and results of these trading systems are disclosed to any interested party. 

These pages are historical and only kept online for our former clients to remember. There is no business since 2012 in this area when our provider Strategyrunner closed his business.

Feel free to surf in a world that does not exsist any more.