NATURAL SOLUTIONS GmbH - Trading Systems

NATURAL SOLUTIONS GmbH - Trading Systems

When started, the trading system defines several entry points from history market data where to enter a long or short position. These levels are valid for the whole trading day.
If a position is entered, always a stop loss is placed to market which is converted to a trailing stop order when profit increases. In special market constellations a second stop order is placed to save extraordinary profit.
As all intraday systems have to do, all positions are closed before market is closing.

Real trading results per contract for last 6 month:

Month Gross Profit [1] Monthly Trading System Fee Real Gross Profit [1]
10/2011:  2.325 EUR $ 175  2.200 EUR
09/2011: -4.750 EUR $ 195 -4.606 EUR
08/2011: 15.075 EUR   $ 195 14.940 EUR
07/2011: -10.112 EUR $ 195 -10.248 EUR
06/2011: 13.550 EUR $ 195 13.416 EUR
05/2011: -9.475 EUR $ 195 -9.610 EUR

[1] Without trading fees and without additional slippage
[2] Draft results, trade results not finally checked 

This strategy made more than 53.000 EUR real profit per contract in the year 2008!
(01/2008 - 12/2008)

The strategy is available for sale only 13 more times (one contract each).



Regarding the author’s restrictions, we will deny selling if a certain number of trading systems are sold and active in the market to avoid significant slippage.


monthly lease fee:                                  195 EUR per contract
special price in StrategyRunner's Shop: $ 175 (USD) per contract